CostarGamerZ (CGZ) is the second French YouTube Ranger in the group, the first one being SuperLuigi7900. He pre-entered YouTube Rangers on the 1st March 2014 and officially joined 4th March 2014. He is a moderator. His real name is Benedict.


CostarGamerZ was a shy YTR fan who joined the forums in the end of 2013, but his arrival wasn't easy because one of the "truth seekers" was in the forums at that time.

Costar didn't listen to him, since he doesn't like being turned against somebody else.

Later, CostarGamerZ wanted to protect YTR against the "truth seeker" that was in the forums.

In 2014, CostarGamerZ asked Starman3 if he could become a YTR, he was on the waiting line along with Diapolo 10.

Then, there was a misunderstanding in Twitter, a tweet were saying that it was Bluey's fault that he left the YTR, which Jbro109 took seriously, but the real author was Sorapril Spice, a friend of CostarGamerZ that was at his home before he moved elsewhere. Jbro eventually forgave Costar.


  • He loves to RP with Zaid (Mariofan14) and sometimes Fawn and Starman3.
  • He likes spending times on his characters.
  • CastarGamerZ owns 2 yoshis: Crimson, a red baby yoshi that CatezeeY gave to Costar and Carbon, a strange, fast yoshi.

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