Geofcraze634 (Geoff) is a YouTuber and a SM64 Blooper maker who is friends with OnyxKing and SMG4. He first appeared in SM64 Bloopers: We Killed Miku!!.


In SM64 Bloopers: We Killed Miku!!, SMG4 order Mario to get the cake mix. Mario asks him why would he wanna do that. He answers he know what cake smells like the most. Mario enters to the store and he shocked that Geoff the first one who get that Cake Mix. Mario really angry and said "Oh hell no!". Mario approach him and can he get it. He started to angry and said "No!". He get that cake mix and said "Bitch!". He run off from the store and he said "Motherfu-!"

When SMG4 and Mario looking for sugar, SMG4 and Mario back to the store. SMG4 go looking for sugar and let Mario wait here. He walking back to the store and he shocked to Mario and he remember what happened last time. He was very angry and said to Mario "Bring me that ass!". Mario very scared and he's got chased. He said to Mario for "Get over here!". SMG4 finally get that sugar and he doesn't know that Mario's gone and got chased by Geoff.




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