This is the transcript for How Mario Joins The Circus Should Have Ended. (My SMG4 2 Millions Sub Collab Entry).


(Text Saying How "Mario Joins The Circus" Should Have Ended)

(Cut to outside of the Castle)

SMG4: I haven't partied like that in ages.

(Cuts to Mario on the end of the castle bridge)

Mario: Imma gonna get you!

(Mario throws a banana at SMG4, Toad and Peach)

SMG4: What the fuck?

(Cuts to DK coming towards SMG4 and co.)

Donkey Kong: Ohohohohohoh!

(Cuts to SMG4 and co.)

SMG4, Toad, and Peach: Ohhh Sheeeeeettt!!!!

(The Castle Explodes)

(Cuts to Bob)

Bob: Looks like those chumps got what they deserved.

(Cuts to Mario)

Mario: Hell Yeah!

(Mario and Bob hive five with a colorful background with text at the top reading: Revenge Is Sweet!)

(Fishy Boopkins comes up from the bottom of the screen.)

Fishy Boopkins: I Love Waifus!

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