Mariofan14 is the YouTube Ranger who doesn't intend to make SM64 Machinimas, but rather, he gives ideas for machinimas to other SM64 Machinimists.


Mariofan14 was a YouTube Ranger who joined in 2012. He'd been a YTR Member for 2 years. For an unexplained reason however, he was absent during most of 2013 in the Skype conversation, but returned in 2014.

On April 3rd, 2014, Starman3 removed Zaid from his contacts and the YTR Skype Chat temporarily, later on Zaid was added back to both. He then gave Starman3 a final chance. He finally quit the YouTube Rangers later in June.

Mariofan14's real name is Zaid. Most of YTR calls him Zaid, similar to how YTR calls Royalomg by his first name, Branden. Zaid is known to give ideas for movies and bloopers to many YTR.


  • Zaid's 4D and SW counterparts are called Fouraids and Staraids.
  • Zaid watches Chuggaaconroy, SullyPwnz, and some other Let's Players on YouTube.
  • He likes playing Roblox lwith his friends.

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