Memoodyable (Real name: Megan) is a YouTube Ranger who joined in 2014. She is the 3rd female member of YTR, the first being Fawn and the second being Pinkolol16. After talking to both Zaid and Pinkolol16 on Skype, she agreed to give Starman3 a final chance. Memo is an artist and a gamer, as well as a YTR Member.

Memo's Backstory

Memo was a guest on the Official YouTube Rangers Forums and registered to see was it was all about. She promised herself to check the forums everyday to see how it is, experiencing bullying, harassment, and bashing. Later on, she wanted to join this group called YouTube Rangers, so she fixed up her Skype. There she met a lot of new friends.




  • Memo is the 3rd female member of YouTube Rangers to have joined since the beginning of the group.
  • In her videos where her voice is heard, she is known to sound a little like Pinkolol16 and Fawn.

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