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My Entry for Geofcraze634's Birthday Collab 2 is the 40th video uploaded by OnyxKing67. the video is an entry to Geofcraze634's Birthday Collab 2 Special.


It's a Birthday Celebration for Minor Character Geof but some on messes up OnyxKing's gift for him making something truly horrifying.


In the castle there celebrating Geoff's birthday, OnyxKing is seen hitting on Hatsune Miku until he's interrupted by Starlow telling him when she's going to debut on a video, OnyxKing tells Geoff and SMG4 that his tribute video to Geoff is ready and they go to the other room. In the room, OnyxKing what the video is about but gets interrupted by Mario telling him to start. While they are watching the video it gets cut to a Yaoi movie that Peach was watching while she was recording the video. Everybody screams in horror while seeing the movie, except for Peach since she was enjoying it.



  • This is OnyxKing's first video collab.


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