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My Own SMG4 3M Collab Entry is the 81st video uploaded by OnyxKing67, the video is an entry to SMG4's 3 Million Subs Collab Special


Meggy has been captured! What evil scheme does Zelus have in store for our helpless Inkling?


Meggy has woken up to find herself chained up on a chair. Zelus comes from the dark and Meggy asks her what will she do to her. A TV appears from nowhere and Zelus says that she will make Meggy watch Anime. To her horror, Meggy screams in fear while Zelus laughs very devilish.



  • This is supposed to be an entry for SMG4's 3 Million Subscriber Collab but didn't make it into the video.
  • This marks OnyxKing's last video before going on a hiatus.


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