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OnyxKing's Random Crap Godly Edition is the 7th episode of Season 2015 and the 29th video uploaded by OnyxKing67.


Mario tries to do a Magic Trick and the results up summoning a God with an obsession for booty.


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  • This video is a spoiler for people who haven't played God of War 1-3.
  • Click the Links below in the interactive choice for Mobile Users:
  • This is the sounds that used in this video:
    • Spongebob
    • Smosh
    • Markiplier
    • Nin10doh
    • Brawl Taunts
    • Gmod Idiot Box
    • ASDFMovie 8-9
    • If Super Mario Land 2 had lyrics
    • Sonic Shorts
    • Tomorrow I'll
    • Booty Songs
    • Playstation All Stars
    • God of War 3


What the fuck is that?! "What the f*ck is that?!"
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