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OnyxKing's Super Swagity Channel Trailer is the 27th video uploaded by of OnyxKing67. This is OnyxKing's second channel trailer.


Hello everyone I'm OnyxKing and this is my new channel trailer for those who never seen me before. And in case you're wondering what the hell is an OnyxKing67 you can find out in this trailer.


OnyxKing67 appears to show all of his viewers his new channel trailer and revealing some upcoming bloopers, Then it starts showing clips from previous videos.



  • From the upcoming bloopers OnyxKing mentions, only four (The Amiibo Hunt, Random Crap, The Toadinator, and the Christmas Special) were released, while Legend of Link and the Halloween Special didn't.
    • Although at 0:35-0:37 a clip of Link looking at a wall of posters appears, it is unknown if it was from the "Legend of Link" blooper.


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