OnyxKing67, who prefers to go by just OnyxKing, is a YouTuber who makes Super Mario 64 videos just like SMG4. He is half Italian.


OnyxKing67 met Mario and SMG4 while he first visited the Mushroom Kingdom, at first they didn't like him but after he saved them from the police they became friends which leads to him living with them at Peach's Castle.


OnyxKing is a chill dude who likes watching anime and making videos. His videos often resemble too much of SMG4's and he is aware of it. He also likes memes.


OnyxKing wears a long-sleeved yellow shirt, cyan overalls with yellow buttons, dark blue shoes, and grey gloves. He has a yellow cap, brown hair, a black mustache, and blue eyes.


  • OnyxKing likes Hatsune Miku, as can be hinted by the fact of her appearing in many of his videos, And the opposite of SMG4 vs Mario, it's EM64 vs SMG3 is his videos.
  • He's the person this wiki is about! Go figure!


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