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OnyxKing does the Ice Bucket Challenge is the 13th video uploaded by OnyxKing67. This is OnyxKing's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video.


SMG4 challenges OnyxKing67 to do the Ice Bucket Challenge video.


OnyxKing tells Mario that SMG4 challenged him to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Mario desperately confused tells him how are they going to do it, so OnyxKing tells him that he needs a bucket of cold water and then he has to throw the water at him.

Mario throws the water and then it cuts to the real-life OnyxKing who gets splashed with the iced water and making him shiver, at the end he challenges: Diapolo 10, Starman3, ??, and the viewer itself.



  • This is the first appearance of Ben Novelli (the real-life OnyxKing).


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