Rosalina is a princess from the Super Mario Galaxy series, in which she's the manager of the Comet Observatory where she looks after her various Lumas.


SM64 Bloopers: Sleep Brawler

SM64 Bloopers: Dat Damn Can

SM64 Bloopers: We Killed Miku!!

OnyxKing's Random Crap Godly Edition

Christmas 2015: Waluigi's Christmas Carol

OnyxKing's Random Crap: Holiday Edition



She wears a light blue dress, has blond her with a fringe covering her right eye (similarly to Lilyncookies), wears a crown and has blue eyes.


Old Rosalina

The old Rosalina in SM64 Bloopers: Sleep Brawler

From SM64 Bloopers: Sleep Brawler to SM64 Bloopers: Dat Damn Can, she is the color swap of Princess Peach.

In SM64 Bloopers: We Killed Miku!!, he uses a Garry's Mod model of Rosalina.

Currently since OnyxKing's Random Crap Godly Edition, he uses a SM64 mod model made by The Ankle Destroyer.


  • When Rosalina appears for first time in the blooper, she's partially disappears for a few seconds due to a glitch that OnyxKing didn't notice before he uploaded the video on a Monday evening as he was tired. So he only saw it the next day and then told his fans to ignore that part of the blooper.
  • In OnyxKing's canonity, Rosalina's secret admirer is Professor E. Gadd..
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