Season 2017 is the fourth season of OnyxKing67. This season is released every 2017.

List of Episodes

No. of season Title Airdate
01 SM64 Bloopers: OnyxKing vs The Pokemon Championships Part 1 February 24, 2017
OnyxKing has 24 hours to get a team ready for the VGC but in orders to do so, he has to catch 5 other Pokemon first.
02 Battle of the Retarded Villains 2017 (70K SUBS!!) April 28, 2017
EM64 and SMG3 are doing another Battle of the Retarded Villains to see who gets to the Nintendo Switch.
03 SM64 Bloopers: Princess Daisy's Dragon Maid May 12, 2017
Bowser has destroyed a Car that happens to belong to Princess Daisy and now he has to be her Maid.
04 SM64 Bloopers: OnyxKing vs The Pokemon Championships Part 2 July 14, 2017
OnyxKing must make a journey to Mt. Silver before heading into the Championships where'll face his Most Great adversaries oh and Waluigi is in it too.
05 SM64 Bloopers: Final Night at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria August 4, 2017
Mario has been kidnapped by his former manager and now has to spend the night keeping furies from touching his butt.
06 SM64 Bloopers: Super Mario Mafia October 20, 2017
Oh no, Mario has forgotten to pay for back the Mafia and now he has to do a few tasks for them or else he'll be sleeping with the Cheap Cheaps.
07 Halloween 2017: Mario the 13th October 27, 2017
Mario and the gang are out on a camping vacation but little did they know a Serial Killer who sounds like Heavy Weapons Guy wants to chomp them into bits.
08 SM64 Bloopers: Bowser's Story Time November 10, 2017
It's Story Time for Bowser Jr. and Bowser will tell him 3 different bedtime stories each with a twist in them!
09 SM64 Bloopers: The Mushroom League November 17, 2017
Dark Star has come to destroy everything in its path and only Jumpman and friends can stop him.
10 OnyxKing's Wacky Extras: The Mushroom League November 26, 2017
Here some unreleased footage of The Mushroom League video that I made just for fun.
11 SM64 Bloopers: Mario Behind Bars December 02, 2017
Uh oh Mario's locked up in Jail and even worse his cellmate is a Hammer Bro who's raps are worse than Most Gangsters.
12 SM64 Bloopers: Return to McDonalds December 16, 2017
Mario goes out to buy a SNES Classic but unfortunately, he's flat out broke, fortunately, someone is willing to have him work at a McDonalds... again.
13 Christmas 2017: Mariotail December 24, 2017
Mario can't wait five days till Christmas so he sneaks into the basement to open his presents early to find... a Furby toy that won't stop asking him to give him treat.


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