Season 2018 is the fifth season of OnyxKing67. This season is released every 2018.

List of Episodes

No. of series No. of series Title Air date
52 01 How to Get Mario Games for Free January 20, 2018
Getting Money and Gift cards only takes 5 easy steps
53 02 SM64 Bloopers: Mario in Black and White January 26, 2018
Mario pissed off a Witch and now the world is a silent black and white movie.
54 03 If Video Games Were Directed by OnyxKing (100K Sub Special) February 2, 2018
Ever wondered would what would be like if OnyxKing directed your favorite Video Games? No? Well Too Bad because your gonna find out anyway!
55 04 BOTRV 2018 May 11, 2018
It's time for another wacky battle with your two favorite villains EM64 and SMG3.
56 05 SM64 Bloopers: Mario Star Allies May 18, 2018
Mario has been given friend abilities and is now on a mission with his new found friends... to beat up Wario because he owes him money.
57 06 How Mario Joins The Circus Should Have Ended. (My SMG4 2 Millions Sub Collab Entry) May 31, 2018
Hey I'm OnyxKing and this is my entry for SMG4's 2 Million Sub Entry. I call it "How Mario joins the Circus Should Have Ended"
58 07 SM64 Bloopers: Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud June 8, 2018
Uh oh, Yoshi has committed Tax Fraud and now he's on the run from the police and no matter what he just can't seem to escape from them.
59 08 SM64 Bloopers: The Driving Lessons July 6, 2018
Mario has just costed him and OnyxKing their Driver's License and the only way to get them back is from the most evil place on Earth! A DMV!!!
60 09 Mario And The Ink Machine Chapter 1: Ink Boat Bendy July 13, 2018
Mario has discovered a Recipe for Inked Spaghetti and so head towards the Abandoned Joey Drew Studios to turn on the Ink Machine in order to try some Inked Spaghetti.
61 10 If Movies were Directed by OnyxKing July 20, 2018
Ever wondered would what would be like if OnyxKing directed your favorite Movies? No? Well Too Bad because your gonna find out anyway!
62 11 SM64 Bloopers: We Mario Few August 2, 2018
Factory that is run by Clowns is developing a new type of drug called "Joy". So Mario and Starlow team up to steal some.
63 12 Super Wario 64 Bloopers: WarioWare Gold Rush August 17, 2018
Wario has invited the SM64 Cast to play a bunch of stupid Microgames for the chance to win 1 Million coins and defiantly not just an attempt to scam contestants of their hard earned money.
64 13 SM64 Bloopers: The Death of MC August 24, 2018
MC Hammer Bro is dead and now watch as the SM64 Cast go through The 5 Stages of Grief.
65 14 SM64 Bloopers: MarioNite (A Fortnite Video) September 7, 2018
EM64 has forced the SM64 Cast to have them all fight each other in a Fortnite style Battle Royal for his (and our) own amusement!
66 15 SM64 Bloopers: The Italian Hobos September 14, 2018
Peach has brought 4 people with zero talent in singing to form a boy band...
67 16 SM64: Expand Dong Country September 21, 2018
King K. Rool has stolen the entire banana hoard so Donkey and Diddy Kong team up with Mario to get them back!
68 17 SM64: Mario's Basics (A Baldi's Basics Video) September 28, 2018
Mario has is trapped in the Baldi's Basics Game and he forced to find the 7 Notebooks or get his butt snake by Baldi and even worse... LEARN!!!
69 18 OnyxVlog Ep 1: I PLAY SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE October 5, 2018
Were expecting a New SM64 Blooper well too bad because I'm gonna show you the footage of my time I went to Atlanta to The Super Smash Ultimate Demo instead!!
70 19 SM64: Bowsette October 16, 2018
Aw great, it has been glitching up, since our last adventure and now it has turned Bowser into a Waifu!
71 20 Halloween 2018: The End of Luigi? October 16, 2018
Mario, has stolen Death's Lunch and now he separates Luigi's soul from his Body so now they must beat him up in order to get his body back... And the Computer's still not working!
72 21 SW64: Wario The Technician November 2, 2018
Wario and Waluigi are having success in the Technical Support Business they even got a special job...
73 22 SM64: OnyxKing vs SMG4 November 9, 2018
SMG4 has had enough and decided to go fight OnyxKing find out what's inside his computer, but OnyxKing refuses to tell him.
74 23 SM64: BROKEN COMPUTER ARC FINALE!! November 16, 2018
OnyxKing and SMG4 send Mario inside the computer to find out what's making it go cuckoo crazy...
75 24 OnyxVlog Ep 2: I UNBOX my SILVER PLAY BUTTON!!! November 20, 2018
Thank you so much for giving me this, thanks to you guys I finally received my Silver Play Button, now let's kick this train into Overdrive so that I can get Gold Play Button Next!!!
76 25 SM64: Mariocise!! November 30, 2018
Onyxking has Mario and the others exercise otherwise they can't leave the building...
77 26 Super Smashdom: Ultimate!! December 7, 2018
Super Smash Bros Ultimate is here and Master Hand and Crazy are ready to celebrate with a Smashing Celebration!!
78 27 SM64: Red Dead Mario (A Red Dead Redemption 2 Video) December 21, 2018
It's that time of year again where we celebrate the season of Christmas by going to the wild west... wait a minute. that's not right?
79 28 SM64: Collab Battle Royale 2018 December 27, 2018
OnyxKing has loaded up all of the entries he's been gathering since the beginning of December... and has loaded them up into a rocket to use as Fireworks. IT'S COLLAB BATTLE ROYALE TIME!!

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