Season 2019 is the sixth season of OnyxKing67.

This season started on December 8, 2019.

List of Episodes

No. of season Title Airdate
01 OnyxKing: OnyxKing...Is...Fine December 8, 2019
What's going on with OnyxKing he hasn't left his room or uploaded anything since forever, eh I'm sure it's probably nothing.
02 OnyxKing: Waluigi The Super Hero!!! 🦸‍♂️ December 15, 2019
Waluigi is having a bit of an Identity Crisis while Wario is in the Hospital luckily for Waluigi there's someone out there willing to help him out a little.
03 OnyxKing: Mario's Jumpscare Mansion!! December 22, 2019
Mario and Luigi are visiting a mansion thinking they've won a Spaghetti filled mansion, too bad they would have to go through 1000 rooms first to claim their prize.

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