Season 2020 is the seventh season of OnyxKing67.

This season started on January 5, 2020.

List of Episodes

No. of season Title Airdate
01 OnyxKing: What is Wario Up too... January 5, 2020
We now return to the adventures of Grasshopper and Captain Wah as several Inklings have gone missing, could Wario actually be involved in these squidnappings.
02 OnyxKing: BOTRV - THE FINAL ONE March 1, 2020
Zelus has kidnapped EM64 and SMG3 has pitted them against each other for one final BOTRV who will this final battle.
03 OnyxKing: Mario Crossing New Horizons! April 5, 2020
Mario after a simple surf off gone wrong has washed up in the world of Animal Crossing...oh those poor villagers.
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