Starlow is a character from OnyxKing67's bloopers that gets owned a lot. She first appeared on OnyxKing's Random Crap: Holiday Edition as a creation of Lana.


OnyxKing's Random Crap: Holiday Edition

My Entry for Geofcraze634's Birthday Collab 2

SM64 Bloopers: Princess Daisy's Dragon Maid

SM64 Bloopers: Super Mario Mafia

Halloween 2017: Mario the 13th

SM64 Bloopers: Return to McDonalds

If Video Games Were Directed by OnyxKing (100K Sub Special)

SM64 Bloopers: Mario Star Allies

SM64 Bloopers: The Driving Lessons

Here, Starlow takes a test in order to earn a license. However, when she left the room, Mario swapped tests and ended up failing while Mario passed, indicating that she studied ahead of time.

If Movies were Directed by OnyxKing

SM64 Bloopers: We Mario Few

Super Wario 64 Bloopers: WarioWare Gold Rush

SM64 Bloopers: The Death of MC

Starlow was on the same bar as OnyxKing while he was suffering from depression after the death of MC. Then she decides to take him home due to his intoxicated state. OnyxKing wanted to go back to the bar but Starlow didn't want to because he was extremely drunk. he then tries to take the wheel while Starlow was trying to separate him from it. they ended up crashing up to a police car before getting arrested for reckless driving.

SM64 Bloopers: MarioNite (A Fortnite Video)

SM64: Bowsette

SM64: OnyxKing vs SMG4

SM64: Mariocise!!

OnyxKing: What is Wario Up too...

OnyxKing: Mario Hits the Dance Floor

She is turned into gold by the corrupt Inklings



Starlow Owned Count

Starting with Mario the 13th, a running gag throughout the series involved Starlow getting hurt. OnyxKing is aware of this, so he made a count of how many times Starlow gets hurt.

# Picture Episode Description
Starlow Owned Count: 1 Starlow Owned Count 1 (2017) "Halloween 2017: Mario the 13th" Starlow is thrown into Jason Voorhees by Daisy.
Starlow Owned Count: 2 Starlow Owned Count 2 (2017) "SM64 Bloopers: Return to McDonalds" Starlow gets hit by a hamburger.
Starlow Owned Count: 1 Starlow Owned Count 1 "If Video Games Were Directed by OnyxKing (100K Sub Special)" Starlow is sent flying into Ashley by Mario.
Starlow Owned Count: 2 Starlow Owned Count 2 "SM64 Bloopers: Mario Star Allies" Starlow is about to get bullied by Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings.
Starlow Owned Count: 3 Starlow Owned Count 3 "SM64 Bloopers: The Driving Lessons" Starlow fails the driving exam thanks to Mario.
Starlow Owned Count: 4 Starlow Owned Count 4 "If Movies were Directed by OnyxKing" Starlow gets crushed by a building with MC.
Starlow Owned Count: 5 Starlow Owned Count 5 "SM64 Bloopers: We Mario Few" Starlow gets shot by the Creepy Clown Guard.
Starlow Owned Count: 6 Starlow Owned Count 6 Starlow got pied in the face.
Starlow Owned Count: 7 Starlow Owned Count 7 "SM64 Bloopers: MarioNite (A Fortnite Video)" Starlow gets shot by Mario.
Starlow Owned Count: 8 Starlow Owned Count 8 "SM64: Bowsette" Starlow gets bumped right into Bowser.
Starlow Owned Count: 9 Starlow Owned Count 9 "SM64: OnyxKing vs SMG4" Starlow got thrown by OnyxKing67.
Starlow Owned Count: 10 Starlow Owned Count 10 "SM64: Collab Battle Royale 2018" Starlow falling down after being launched away with a cannon.


  • The Starlow Owned Count gag was very similiar to Krillin Owned Count gag from Dragon Ball Z Abridged series but instead of the number reaching to 1000, after every year the count resets back to zero.

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