Starman3 is a Super Mario 64 Machinimist and blooper maker. He is the famous MarioMario54321's best friend. He is probably the YouTuber who appears third most, behind Xboxfan997 and SMG4 himself.


He has golden yellow overalls, Yellow cap, and shirt, Orange-ish gloves, Gray tan shoes, brown face, and Blond (yellow-brown) hair. His cap has either an "SM3" as it's logo or nothing there.

Color code:

This is his color code (NOTE: Do not tell Starman3 that you take his color code, ask his permission first) :D:

8107EC20 5959
8107EC22 0000
8107EC24 5555
8107EC26 0000
8107EC28 696A
8107EC2A 0000
8107EC2C 6A6A
8107EC2E 0000
8107EC38 6262
8107EC3A 0000
8107EC3C 6262
8107EC3E 0000
8107EC40 C6C6
8107EC42 0000
8107EC44 BFBF
8107EC46 0000
8107EC50 954A
8107EC52 0000
8107EC54 AA55
8107EC56 0000
8107EC58 C462
8107EC5A 0000
8107EC5C BF60
8107EC5E 0000
8107EC68 1F1F
8107EC6A 1F00
8107EC6C 1616
8107EC6E 1600
8107EC70 4545
8107EC72 4500
8107EC74 4848
8107EC76 4800
8107EC80 5540
8107EC82 2800
8107EC84 5E45
8107EC86 2D00
8107EC88 FD9F
8107EC8A 2D00
8107EC8C FD9E
8107EC8E 2B00
8107EC98 3E3E
8107EC9A 0000
8107EC9C 4848
8107EC9E 0000
8107ECA0 9B9B
8107ECA2 0000
8107ECA4 9B9B
8107ECA6 0000


Starman has been accused of many different things that may or may not be true. He's said various things over Skype chat, which he usually denies, such as loving Memoodyable (young girl, thus one of the sources of the rumors of him being a pedophile) or graphic role-playing. He also did other evil actions, such as being bossy and selfish to everyone, using people (including his friends), etc. He's apologized several times for this, but his apologies have either never lasted long or just not accepted.


  • He has a cousin named Nikluigi.
  • He is the 5th most subscribed Mario Machinimist
  • His full name is Jacob Leonard Ware
  • He was going to make a series named Super Mario 64 and the Quest of the 121 Stars, but he gave up due to being too much of a walkthrough.

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