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Chat moderator
  • I live in a bush at your grandma's
  • My occupation is being rad
  • I am feeling ok.

Hi my fellow Toad's, im IanTEB and I'm a fellow Blooper Creator, I'm currently a Chat Moderator and Rollback on this wiki. (NOTE!: you won't see my rollback role after my name because of some errors so here's proof.)


f you wanna become an admin, you're gonna having:

  • 0 to 99 Nothing Lol
  • 100 edits - Chat mod (Current)
  • 500 edits - Rollback
  • 1000 edits - Administrator
  • 1500 edits - Bureaucrat

Personal Projects

Project RDMC (Completed)

Project RDMC (Project Red Dead Mario Characters) involves me adding all of the Character pages from SM64: Red Dead Mario (A Red Dead Redemption 2 Video).

Project BCA (Ongoing)

Project BCA (Project Broken Computer Arc) involves me adding all the wanted pages from the Broken Computer Arc, Such as Characters, Locations, Other and I don't count Transcripts and Galleries.

Project OnyxKingGaming

All of the OnyxKingGaming videos.

Project Music

Add a Music section to every video article, oh boi.


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