Yoshis are dinosaur-like creatures in the Mario universe. One of them is Mario's old pal.

Yoshis can be either male or female, any colors, having many personalities. Common Yoshis are Greeny Yoshi (rockstonelee19), Pink Yoshi, Angelic Yoshi, Lime Yoshi, Black Yoshi, etc.



Yoshi appears as an anthropomorphic dinosaur with green skin, along with a white chest, stomach, and mouth. He has red spikes (hair) on the back of his head, and orange shoes with yellow bottoms.


Yoshi, portraying the role as a hero in most episodes, is typically good-hearted, loyal, and friendly, similar to his mainstream Nintendo counterpart. However, in the blooper Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud, once he commits his first crime, he goes on a chaotic spree that renders him as sneaky, selfish, and uncaring towards others, just to evade the police.


  • Yoshi plays the role as a villainous protagonist in SM64 Bloopers: Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud by committing tax fraud, a nod to the infamous meme.
    • However, Yoshi merely gave fake money the cashier, rather than falsifying information on a tax return.

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