Zelus is the hidden antagonist of the Broken Computer Arc and later the main antagonist of Zelus Arc.


Zelus is an original Splatoon character created by OnyxKing. But one year ago, when OnyxKing discovered that SMG4 has uploaded a new video called "If Mario Was in... Splatoon" featuring his OC Meggy. She recently became part of his scrapped characters.


Zelus is an Inkling girl with red tentacles, red ink color, light skin, and has black sclera with red iris. She wears a Blowfish Bell Hat, Black Inky Rider, and Blue Sea Slugs.


Being part of the scrapped characters in OnyxKing’s computer for a year, Zelus has become malevolent, vengeful, hateful, and manipulative, successfully managing to hack into SMG4’s computer and escape from it.




What the fuck is that?! "What the fuck is that?!"
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